Flow Forge Technology

What is Flow Forged or Flow Forming exactly? We would like to explain why we offer Flow Forged wheels!

As you can see here, the blank, which was previously cast in a vacuum process, heated and processed in the forging process to the respective rim width.

But which benefits do we have from this technology? And why should I pay more for such rims?

The forging process gives us the distinct advantage that we achieve increased strength with considerably less material. Once the aluminum is heated and forged, this process has greatly improved the properties of aluminum in terms of deformation and stability.

Normal cast wheels tend to break as soon as the load limit is reached. Flow Forged / Flow Forming wheels, however, deform.

This is an essential aspect of safety that should not be ignored.

But now to the point that is most important to the majority of automotive enthusiasts.

The weight reduction

Due to the improved properties and the resulting material savings, a Flow Forged rim is about 15-20% lighter than ordinary cast wheels. The weight reduction is reflected in performance and fuel savings again. Less fuel = less emissions.

- Save the World and drive FLOW FORGED -

! The best argument for those who say we do not do anything for the environment !

Global Metal Spinning Solution has a very vivid video on Youtube. Here, the flow forming process is again great presented.

Your BJ-Team